To continue practicing


When you join us practicing


You can try aikido free of charge for two weeks. Just register in Meido-Kan as a member by choosing "Jäsenhakemus". The current membership fee 2018 is €300 for a full year, or €150 for half year (spring or fall season)

  • Fill out an application for membership in Meido-Kan Application form. Once application form is filled you have a permission to attend all aikido practices.
  • New members pay 150 € (half year) or 300 € (a full year) membership fee.
  • The membership payment istructions will be sent you by e-mail in 2-3 weeks.
  • All those who practice aikido need an insurance against injury. Please check your insurance company for your insurance coverage against aikido injuries or purchase insurance against injury from Finland Aikikai. More information on insurance coverage can be found on the Finland Aikikai website.
  • Finland Aikikai provides every new aikidoka FOR FREE a beginners licence with insurance for maximum duration of 3 months or until the first graduation. The beginners licence is free of charge. To get the beginners licence and insurance activated fill in Finland Aikikais peruskurssilisenssi-lomake 
  • Buy an aikido training outfit; they are available at any budo shop. Ask other aikidokas for preferences.
  • You will get a basic course guide that will provide answers to many of your questions - sorry, only in Finnish.
  • For more information, ask aikido (a)